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WSRC Organisation


The club is run by a management committee and various sub committees such as the Sailing Committee, Social Committee and House Committee.


Members of these committees are elected at the Annual General Meeting, usually held sometime in February, at the start of the sailing season. Members are encouraged to join these committees - it's your club!  Full details of the various committees and their members can be found in the Year Book, which is published annually.  Below is a summary of the main features of the sub committees.


Made up of the Sailing Secretary, Class Captains, and up to four additional members, the Sailing Committee is responsible for dealing with all sailing matters - a huge task! This includes drawing up a rota of Officers Of the Day (OOD) and rescue crew from the membership, to cover the running of every race held throughout the year. Every member is expected to "do their duty" at least once a year.

The Sailing Committee also draws up the racing programme, keeps records of prize and trophy winners, records and calculates results and, by liaising with the Bosun, ensures that all rescue craft are in good working order. They also talk about sailing a great deal and where the club is going, helped by the grassroots feedback the Class Captains pick up from their fleet members.


Under the leadership of the House Chairman, the House Committee deals with all property management and maintenance. WRSC is very much a self-help club. At various times during the year the membership is requested to volunteer its services on designated work days, when larger numbers are required to ease the task of maintenance or specific projects.

A recent example of the success of this policy was the current clubhouse, which replaced the original building burnt down in 2005. A huge effort by the membership saved thousands of pounds in clearing the site, finishing off the new clubhouse including installation of services, and building the fabulous deck.


Consisting of a House Chairman, Bar Steward, Catering Officer and representatives from the various classes, the House Committee deals with all social and catering activities.

The Spring Bank Regatta presents the biggest challenge, catering for a large number of people over 3 days, and keeping them entertained in the evenings! We are very successful!

In addition there are numerous other social events throughout the year: BBQ's, Quiz Nights, Indoor Games etc, culminating in a formal Dinner Dance & Prizegiving at the end of the season. Basically, we'll put on anything the membership dreams up. We can never have enough helpers!

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