Sailing Courses


Level One - Start Sailing

A two-day course involving detailed instruction on and off the water to get you started. 

Syllabus covers what to wear for sailing, help with rigging and launching the boat, familiarisation with the controls and training on how to turn the back or front of the boat through the wind.  On completion, you should be able to sail round a triangular course with a level of supervision.  Please come with an open mind and a willingness to get on with new people. 


Taught by qualified RYA Instructors, you won’t be disappointed if you do! 


Usually held at WRSC during spring and autumn.


Course costs £40 for club members.

Handbook and logbook available for purchase at £6.50 each.


Level Two - Basic Skills


Level Three - Better Sailing

Level Three - Better Sailing

A further two-day course with the aim of developing you into a competent new sailor. 

Builds on skills learnt at Level One with a greater emphasis on sailing at different angles to the wind and adjusting the controls to suit.  Includes an introduction to basic racing and coastal advice for the inland sailor.  Capsize drill is mandatory for this course!  You will also learn how to control speed, stop the boat correctly and come back safely to shore in a variety of circumstances. 


Taught by qualified RYA Instructors. Usually held at WRSC in spring/summer.

Course costs £40 for club members.


Handbook and logbook available for purchase at £6.50 each (if required)

An additional two-day course enabling you to perfect the skills developed at Level Two and introduce elements of each of the intermediate/advanced modules. 


Taught by qualified RYA Instructors. 

Run subject to demand. 

£40 per person.


Youth Sailing Scheme

Youth Sailing Scheme

Stages 1-4 of the RYA Youth Sailing Scheme break up the adult Dinghy Level One and Two syllabus into more easily achievable chunks with a huge emphasis on fun! 

These YSS courses are often based around a series of games and activities with maximum practical involvement to enable children and young people to progress according to their individual needs.  This is where future champion sailors start out! 


Approximate cost for YSS training: £10 per day, Run subject to demand.