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Fleets at WRSC 

At WRSC we have many types of boats sailed catering for a wide range of requirements. As you can see there is a very wide choice of boats out there and it can be confusing what to chose. So feel free to come down and talk with us and lets work out together what the right boat is for you.

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Level Three - Better Sailing



Level Three - Better Sailing



Level Three - Better Sailing


One of the most popular classes in the world! Its a simple single hander yet its an Olympic class as well.

A single-hander. Ideal entry-level boat and great training boat for children, youths, and small adults.

The National Solo is a, one-design, single handed dinghy. The Solo is a popular dinghy, sailed at many clubs in the UK, Holland and Australia.


Level Three - Better Sailing



Level Three - Better Sailing



Level Three - Better Sailing


Formerly known as the Laser 2000 this is a modern 4.4m, 100 kg two-man boat with asymmetric spinnaker. Heavier, more stable and easier to sail than an RS200, with rewarding performance in high winds. Good family boat with furling jib as standard and low sail loads compared with some modern boats.

Modern 13 ft., 78 kg. two-man boat with an asymmetric spinnaker, designed in 1995. The RS 200 is fast and exciting and small enough to manoeuvre within the confines of inland water. Not ideal for beginners but not difficult once you can sail, it’s suitable for crews in the weight range 16 – 26 stone and can be sailed by child and parent as well as adults.

The Enterprise is a Bermuda rigged sailing dinghy with a double-chined hull and distinctive blue sails. Normally crewed by two, and sometimes carrying a third crew member, it may also be sailed single-handed







The Streaker is a lightweight single-handed dinghy with good handling characteristics. It is suitable for a wide range of abilities from relative beginner to expert racer. It is light weight and easy to handle ashore with a simple rig which gives a forgiving sail for the beginner yet can produce an exhilarating racing performance for the expert.

A great looking classic clinker cruising dinghy originally of wood only but now built in GRP. A safe and stable boat.

The RS400 is a light-weight very high performance sailing dinghy The dinghy is sailed by two people and has a main, a jib and an asymmetric spinnaker.




RS Feva

The Finn dinghy is a high performance single-handed, sailboat, and an Olympic class.

The RS Feva is a two-person sailing dinghy  The boat is suitable to be sailed by two young sailors or by adult and child teams, the RS Feva may also be sailed single-handed. It makes a great training boat for children.

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