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Stand Up Paddle Boards

The club wishes to promote the use of Stand Up Paddleboards at the club, under the general provision of current rules. The intention is to open this up for a trial period leading up to this year's AGM, at which point any clarification or other changes to rules could be made.


Key points are:

  • 3rd party insurance is required (RYA membership provides this if you list 'Windsurfing' as an interest)

  • If inflatable, then it should be of 15 psi or greater

  • It should be factory recommended for the weight of the user

  • Should have an adequately maintained, factory supplied ankle leash attaching the user to the board

  • Should not be stored on site

  • Reminder that club Rule 8.4 states that buoyancy aids must be worn on the water


Please contact Greg Smith as acting 'SUP captain' if you have any questions relating to this.



WRSC Committee

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